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Parking Services shares employee parking options for fall

If you’re returning to campus and still need to arrange parking, this announcement is for you. Employees have three parking permit options for the upcoming fall quarter.

Request a Past Permit

Employees who previously returned their permits during remote operations and want to re-obtain their permit can do so by contacting Transportation Services at


Request a New Permit

Employees who did not have a parking permit before campus moved to remote operations and are not currently parking on campus can request a parking permit for fall quarter by logging into the parking portal and adding themselves to the waitlist.


Pay-By-Day Permit - New!

Last summer Transportation Services introduced a new Pay-by-Day parking permit. This permit will continue to be available.

Employees who already have a Pay-by-Day parking permit and want to continue using it through fall quarter and winter intersession will use the same method to pay for parking as they have been using during remote operations. There is no need to request another Pay-by-Day parking permit.

For employees who have not used this option, the Pay-by-Day parking option uses the ParkMobile Parking app and will be available for the upcoming academic year in all employee campus parking lots for $3.25/day. To sign up for the Pay-by-Day permit option email


Winter Quarter and Beyond

Employees who previously returned their permits during remote operations will have until December 10, 2021 to re-obtain their permits.

Parking availability on campus is limited. If you can commute to campus by walking, rolling (bicycle, skateboard, scooter, rollerblades/skates, one wheel, hoverboard, etc.), riding the bus, or carpooling, please do. Explore these options at

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Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 12:01pm