NSSFO Begins Rebrand of Summerstart as 'Fall Advising & Orientation'

In a cooperative effort among departments to create a more connected presentation of the slate of sessions for freshmen students new for fall quarter, Western Washington University’s New Student Services/Family Outreach is syncing up all sessions under one comprehensive program name, “Fall Advising & Orientation.”

Previously, having two differently named events – “Summerstart” for the August sessions and “Fall Advising & Orientation” for the September session – created confusion for new students and family members according to NSSFO.

By using a more comprehensive program name, students and family members can zero in more accurately to information relevant to them regarding their required advising and orientation program, NSSFO said. The name change aligns with other established programs titled using the quarter in which the student starts, like “Winter Advising & Orientation” for winter quarter.

For faculty and staff, adjusting their own language in using “Fall Advising & Orientation” or “Fall A&O” instead of “Summerstart” will be the biggest change, NSSFO said.  Marketing materials, email communications, website operations, and the like, have already begun to be updated for students and family members.  Departments are highly encouraged to do the same, with a review of printed and web materials for updates as a next collective step, NSSFO said.

Important dates regarding Fall 2019 are as follows:

Transfer & Post-baccalaureate Students – Fall 2019

The “Transitions” program is for transfer and post-baccalaureate students new for Fall Quarter 2019. Transitions offers three session dates for students to complete a one-day orientation, academic advising, and class registration program. While attending a program is optional for transfer and post-baccalaureate students, students who attend will be able to register for their fall classes at the time of program. Students who do not attend Transitions will register for their classes after Phase II registration begins on Aug. 27.

The program dates for Transitions 2019 are:

  • Thursday, July 25
  • Friday, July 26
  • Monday, July 29

Freshmen/Running Start Students – Fall 2019

The “Fall Advising & Orientation” program is for freshmen and Running Start students new for Fall Quarter 2019. Fall Advising & Orientation offers nine session dates for students to complete a two-day orientation, academic advising, and class registration program. Attendance at a program is required for new freshmen/Running Start students, and students will register for their fall classes at the time of program. Eight of the sessions, formerly named the “Summerstart” program, occur in August and an abbreviated ninth session is held in September prior to classes beginning.

The program dates for Fall Advising & Orientation (Fall A&O) 2019 are:

  • August Sessions: Aug. 5-6*, 7-8*, 9-10, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 19-20, and 21-22
  • September Session: Sep. 22-23

*Denotes a designated High Credit session; sessions are only open to students with 45+ credits.

The August sessions will have a similar schedule for students and family members as before, including welcome sessions, orientation presentations, campus tours, library tours, info fairs, workshops, placement tests, an overnight in residence halls, meals in the dining commons, etc.  Schedules during the August sessions offer a more in-depth and concentrated point of connection for participants than the September session, but the latter still includes the foundational components for academic advising, orientation to campus resources, and class registration, NSSFO said.

In September, there are other campus events occurring within Fall Opening, including residence hall move-in, additional support workshops for students, a large info fair in Red Square and a number of social events, NSSFO said.

The New Student Services/Family Outreach office’s website has initial “save the date” information on it and will continue to get updated with information about the Transitions and Fall A&O programs. Additional details about the programs will continue to be added in late April.

For more information contact the New Student Services/Family Outreach office at (360) 650-3846 or nssfo@wwu.edu. 


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Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 11:32am