New transformer to be installed in Arntzen Hall in mid-June

Western Today staff

Earlier this spring, the power in Arntzen Hall was temporarily connected to the Ross Engineering Technology building until a transformer to replace the antiquated one in Arntzen Hall could be delivered.

The new transformer is now scheduled to arrive in early June; preparations will begin June 17. Bricks in the Haskell Plaza adjacent to Arntzen Hall will be removed to gain access to a concrete access panel. The concrete access panel will be removed with jackhammers to gain access to the underground electrical room and medium voltage transformer vault. Once the concrete panels have been removed, a crane located in Haskell Plaza will lift the old transformer out and install the new transformer. A new concrete panel will be poured in place to seal the hole created in the plaza. The concrete will require a period of curing before the bricks and traffic can be allowed on its surface. During this time, the fencing will be minimized to the greatest extent possible.

Those in buildings adjacent to Haskell Plaza can expect the following impacts:

  • Noise and dust from jackhammering for several days (approximately June 17 to 19)
  • Noise from crane operation and other construction vehicles
  • Minor detours to pedestrian traffic, however, the west side of Haskell Plaza will remain open
  • Closure of several entry doors to Arntzen Hall, with access retained at west and north ends

For more information, contact Josh Kavulla, project manager, at 360-650-3260 or

Friday, May 29, 2015