New Housing Resource Available for WWU Employees

In 2017, the rental vacancy rate for Bellingham was 2.59%, well below the state and national averages. Within a one-mile radius of Western Washington University (WWU) and during the academic year, the vacancy rate dips even further.

To address the growing need for available and affordable housing in a small and practical manner, WWU has created a new website for individuals to post rental housing opportunities to WWU employees. Whether it be a faculty member temporarily out-of-state on a professional leave or a staff member with an extra room that decides to create a posting, the hope is that this resource will provide those who are new to this community with a place to stay either for the long-term or for the short-term until they find a more permanent place to call home.

The resource has been reviewed to ensure compliance with state ethics laws and university policies. Employees of the university can interact with the website on their own time, using their own personal computer and personal email address. Though the primary intent of the resource is to serve the WWU community, it must also remain open to those outside of the University who wish to use it. Finally, Western Washington University accepts no responsibility for any housing arrangement or agreement entered into as a result of the information supplied on the website.

For more information or to post or respond to a posting, please visit:

You can also contact Austin Cooper, Faculty Relations Manager, for more information.

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Friday, January 11, 2019 - 10:46am