LGBTQ+ Western hosting online discussion of AIDS art and activism April 30

Join LGBTQ+ Western and guest faculty for a Queer Arts & Culture Conversation every Thursday at noon. This Thursday, April 30, we’ll be discussing AIDS art and activism in a session coordinated by Josh Cerretti, Associate Professor of History and WGSS, who teaches the course AIDS in America and formerly worked in LGBTQ+ Wellness Outreach in Buffalo, New York.

Queer communities responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis with an outpouring of eye-catching art and effective activism, but how were creative and political struggles linked? In this week's Queer Arts and Culture Conversation, we'll discuss some iconic pieces of AIDS art from the peak of the crisis, a few underground works that may have not gotten the attention they deserve, and some contemporary projects that carry on the legacy of AIDS "artivism" in this ongoing public health crisis.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 8:55am