Innovative Teaching Showcase Learning Event Set for June 2

This year’s Innovative Teaching Showcase theme, “Critical Thinking,” features instructors who guide discussions, demonstrate strategies, and craft learning experiences that take critical thinking beyond typical boundaries into abstract, creative, ethical, and independent thinking. 

Please join us for the Showcase Learning Event on Friday, June 2, 1-3 PM, Wilson Library 270 to celebrate our colleagues’ work and learn more about this year’s featured instructors:

•    Bidisha Biswas (Political Science) helps students engage in the practice of critical thinking by examining the assumptions, implications and practical consequences of using certain information sources, bolstering “their confidence to display a healthy skepticism of the information handed to them.”
•    Ed Love (Finance and Marketing) encourages students to think critically about topics by looking at them from multiple perspectives, leveraging student engagement by using the element of surprise. He says, “Novel solutions to future challenges can only come from the application of novel perspectives.”
•    Mark Neff (Environmental Studies) fosters critical thinking in his students by directly challenging the prevailing opinion during a class discussion by taking on the “enjoyable position of being the devil's advocate, challenging whichever set of ideas the class seems most amenable to.”

The Showcase also includes a “profiles” page where more ideas can be shared. Contribute your profile to: 

The new issue of the Showcase will be published prior to the Learning Event. For more information, visit or contact Justina Brown at (360) 650-7210 or via e-mail at

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 11:30am