How campus isolation and quarantine spaces have changed this quarter

In partnership with the Whatcom Health Department, the WWU Student Health Center, and Western’s COVID Support Team, University Residences’ isolation and quarantine process has changed for students living on campus who are directly impacted by COVID. Depending on room type, students who test positive for COVID will be expected to self-isolate in place or isolate in Gamma on the Ridge. Regardless of room type, all roommates of students who test positive for COVID will be expected to quarantine in place. See below for more information:

  • Students testing positive for COVID residing in a suite or apartment space (shared bathroom with six or less students) are expected to:
    • Self-isolate in their room, suite, and/or apartment for five days
  •  Residence Life staff will provide Uber Eats vouchers for meal delivery
  • Roommates of students testing positive should get tested at College Hall, but can remain in their suite or apartment                                        
  • Students testing positive for COVID residing in a room with community bathroom facilities (shared bathroom with more than six students) are expected to:
    • Relocate to Gamma residence hall in the Ridgeway Complex for five days
      • Western’s isolation and quarantine transport team will provide transportation logistics to Gamma
      • Residence Life staff will deliver meals to students while in isolation

Roommates and suitemates of students who test positive will be required to quarantine for five days regardless of vaccination/booster status. Students in quarantine are able to go to the dining hall for to-go meals and are expected to limit their contact with others with the exception of essential reasons (picking up a package at the front desk with supplies, food, or other items needed for the quarantine period). Students in quarantine should contact professors about missing in person classes throughout their time in quarantine.

We know changes in processes can be confusing and challenging. We encourage students living on campus to reach out to a housing staff member with any questions or concerns.

Friday, January 21, 2022

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