'Handshake' career development platform now live for WWU students

The Career Services Center is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Handshake - a modern an innovative career development platform - to replace Viking CareerLink, which is being discontinued on Thursday, April 15. Students can use Handshake to discover employers and opportunities, submit applications, and attend career fairs and other events.  Handshake is the platform used by most schools in Washington state and as a result of WWU joining, users can expect to see a 2-3x increase in relevant job opportunities, tailored specifically to students interests.  In addition, Handshake provides an  intuitive search functionality and suggestions tailored to users interests, as well as an easier access to the system with a synced single sign on functionality that matches their WWU credentials.  Another valued feature of Handshake is the national network of career communities that empower all students to have an informed career exploration and job search process. 

Student access to the platform will begin on Monday, March 29. 

The Career Services Center has successfully transitioned employers to the new platform.  Please encourage students to sign on and complete their profile – an important step to gaining the maximum benefits of the system.  Students with a complete Handshake profile are 5 times as likely to be messaged by employers. 

The Career Services Center asks our WWU Community for their assistance in promoting the new platform by considering inviting a representative to share a presentation; requiring students to log in or engage with the platform as an assignment for class; and/or mentioning Handshake when you meet with students at office hours, advising appointments etc.

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Monday, March 29, 2021 - 9:54am