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From SmartTrips: So Many Bike Improvements!

  • biker on a bike zone painted on a road

If you haven't been on your bike for a while you might find riding around town a whole new ball game! The City of Bellingham has been working hard to make it easier for you to get around by bike. The new protected bike lane on Cordata, for example, is one of many new bike lanes added in the past few years. More space between bikes and cars makes riding safer and much more fun.

Other new bicycle infrastructure includes Bellingham's first cycle track at Waypoint Park, buffered bike lanes on Roeder Avenue, along parts of Barkley Boulevard, and on Chestnut Street. New bicycle infrastructure on Samish Way connects Sehome Village and Downtown and improves access to Western for bicyclists.

The City of Ferndale is adding bike lanes too. Church road has new bike lanes and sidewalk improvements.

You may have also noticed the green bike boxes at many intersections. Bike boxes get people who are riding bikes out in front of traffic so drivers can see where a person is riding. This makes the intersection safer for everyone. 

New bike lanes combined with quiet neighborhood streets are providing bicyclists with a more connected and safer network and are making riding a bike for commuting, running errands, and exercising easier than ever.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 10:47am