Flu Shots: Facts & Misconceptions

by Maren Nielsen-Thompson

Despite the proven health benefits to flu shots, there are still many people who doubt their effectiveness.

Myths about these vaccines include that they can actually give you the flu, that you don’t need to get them regularly, or that it’s better to just get the flu rather than the shot. However, science can easily disprove these misconceptions. While low-grade headaches or fevers very rarely occur as a reaction to a flu vaccination, it is still much better than actually getting a case of influenza. The viruses used in flu shots are inactive, meaning they are not contagious but still provide an opportunity for your body to learn to fight the illness. It is also important to get vaccinated once a year in order to protect yourself from different seasonal strains, and the immune system can deteriorate over time.

So, get your flu shot, and stay tuned for more info from A Wise & Well U about the annual flu shot clinic in October for faculty, staff, and their families!

Friday, September 15, 2017 - 11:08am

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