Environmental Studies Building to get new roof

Western Today staff
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 11:32am

A project to re-roof the Environmental Studies Building on the Western Washington University campus was recently funded and will begin in August. A contract is still being negotiated.

According to Facilities Management records, the Environmental Studies roof has needed replacement since 2003. Funding is now available to proceed with the work, which includes abatement of the existing asbestos-containing roof material.

The new system will be heat-reflective and energy efficient and will provide resistance to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure, too.

After the existing roof system is removed, the remaining concrete roof deck will be covered with a vapor barrier. Insulation is layered over the vapor barrier and finally, the new roof material is applied.

There will be equipment and construction noise as the old roofing material is removed, debris loaded and new materials delivered. Dust should be of minimal concern, since all work will occur outside the building. Additionally, steps are being taken to protect the air system intakes during project duration.

Disruptions to pedestrian paths will be minimal during disposal of old material and loading of new material. Workers will most likely access the roof through the building.

The project will begin early this month and continue until roughly the end of September. An updated schedule will be shared when the contractor contract is finalized.

For more information on the re-roofing project, contact Michael McCurdy, construction project coordinator, at (360) 650-6100 or michael.mccurdy@wwu.edu, or Ed Simpson, assistant director of Facilities Development, at (360) 650-3231 or ed.simpson@wwu.edu.

Other projects under way in Environmental Studies are an upgrade to fire alarm systems, classroom mediation and a project to advance Western's sustainability goals and reduce the university's carbon footprint by implementing 38 separate facility improvement measures in identified by an energy audit of Western's campus. For more information on these projects, visit http://www.wwu.edu/map/bldgs/es.shtml.