Employees: Registration is now open for Winter Wellness Classes!

Registration is now OPEN for Winter Wellness Classes! Have you tried a Faculty & Staff Wellness Class before? If not, check it out, chat with your coworkers, ask questions, etc. There is something for everyone! The benefits of Wellness Classes encompass physical health & fitness, mental health, wellbeing, community, social connectedness, and beyond.

Winter classes will run from Wednesday, Jan. 4 to Friday, March 17. Classes are mostly Hybrid (both online and in-person) and 100% in-person, with one class being offered 100% online. Most classes from Fall are continuing in Winter, with a couple additional days of Pickleball!

Be sure to check out the Faculty and Staff Wellness Home Page for updates and changes, as a couple classes have changed days, and a few others have shifted locations. Please be sure to register at least a day before your class(es) start.  

Please check the Programs Page for all class offerings and details. 

Questions? Email Darcie at darcie.hill@wwu.edu.

Take advantage of the new year and SIGN UP TODAY!

Friday, December 2, 2022
Darcie Hill high-fives a participant in a wellness class