Employees: HR Update for 12/3

As mentioned in our last HR email, the HR update emails will now be provided every other week. The primary topics will include general HR-related topics in addition to COVID-related topics. If the information prompts additional questions or you would like other topics addressed, please contact any HR team member, or send an email to HR@wwu.edu. 

HR Lunch & Learn:

  • Reminder: HR Lunch & Learn is in Zoom! Here’s the HR Lunch & Learn Zoom link for academic year 2021-22
  • The next HR Lunch & Learn is scheduled for December 14, 2021
  • The agenda will be widely distributed to the campus 1-2 days prior to each session, and will be posted on the HR website.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage for Washington State will increase to $14.49 effective January 1, 2022. Employees currently being paid below this hourly rate will have their rate increased to the minimum wage of $14.49, effective January 1, 2022. No Personnel Action form or EPAF will be required.

WA Cares Fund

  • Do you already have a long-term care plan? WA Cares can supplement private long-term care benefits, especially for workers who won't retire for three or more years, but some qualifying workers may still choose to apply for an exemption from WA Cares coverage. Learn more about WA Cares Fund and Private Long-Term Care Insurance. Please note, long term disability plans are not the same as long term care and do not offer qualifying coverage to apply for an exemption from WA Cares coverage.
  • Remember, exemptions are permanent. Workers who apply and are approved for an exemption will be permanently disqualified from WA Cares. This means they may never re-enroll and they'll be unable to collect WA Cares benefits in their lifetime, even if they need them.
  • WA Cares Fund staff answers frequently asked questions. Visit the page on how to apply for an exemption for answers to FAQs about the application process. And stop by the Learn more page, to learn the answers to common questions.

Remote Work:

  • Employees who have a medical concern about the risk that returning onsite would pose to them personally can submit a request for a health-related accommodation to Human Resources.
  • Important Links:


  • Transportation for Voluntary Testing Program: Need transportation to Northwest Labs for the Voluntary Testing Program? Contact HR at jocylynn.kelley@wwu.edu.
  • Time Sheet Reporting: Hours spent getting a COVID test (including travel time), should be reported as hours worked using both “Hours Worked Each Day” and “COVID-19 Testing” on your time sheet. This is a not a leave code. This is a code used to reimburse your department for the time you spend getting tested.
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Employee Well-Being:

  • Employee & Supervisor Resources:   Have you read the current issue of the Employee Assistance Program Frontline Newsletter?  Helpful information is available to both employees and supervisors. 
  • Community Service Day: Have you used your Community Service Day this year? Our community has been hit hard with the recent flooding. Using your Community Service Day is a great way to participate in service to your community.

Health & Safety:

  • COVID Leave & COVID Leave Donation Program: COVID leave is available for eligible employees to use for COVID-related purposes. This leave can also be used to accompany or care for your children who receive a vaccination. More information is available on the COVID Leave webpage.  
  • COVID Positive Cases: Western’s COVID webpage includes the buildings on campus that have been identified as having a positive COVID case in them within the past 14 days. If you have been identified as a close contact, you will be notified directly. For more information about when a student or employee tests positive, go to Western’s COVID Health & Safety webpage.
  • COVID Positive Notification Requirement: Did you know that employees who know or have reason to believe they have COVID are required to notify their supervisors and email HR.COVID.Assistance@wwu.edu? Learn more in the Reporting Communicable Diseases policy. 
  • Feeling Sick? Stay Home! It is expected that employees will evaluate their health prior to coming onsite each day.  If you are symptomatic or not feeling well, please stay home for the health of yourself and our community.

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