Employee Language Program workshops begin July 15

Western Community,

Registration is now open for the Employee Language Program workshops, with sessions starting the week of July 15.

Open to all Western employees, these workshops support faculty and staff through professional development, and encourage multicultural outreach and awareness. Language learners of all levels are welcome.

For workshop level descriptions and recommended preparation, please visit the descriptions on the program curriculum page.


There are no registration fees for these workshops.


Summer workshops begin next week, starting on July 15.


  • Spanish: Level 1/2: Beginning/Intermediate Conversation
    Tuesday & Thursday: 12:00-12:50 p.m., 7/16-8/15 in Miller Hall 115
  • Spanish: Level 2/3: Written & Oral Communication [Online]
    Online, 7/15-8/16
  • Spanish: Level 2/3: Popular Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World [Online]
    Online, 7/15-8/16
  • Spanish: Conversation Partners (F2F or Online)
    Arranged with facilitator, Face-to-Face or Online, 7/15-8/16

Check out the perspectives of the Western Employee Language Program Facilitators in this short video.

Be sure to communicate with your supervisor prior to registering for a workshop; if you have additional questions, a FAQ page is available on the program website. For more information about the program, please visit the program web page.

Employee Language Program, Western Washington University
Phone: 360-650-2841
E-Mail: EmployeeLanguage@wwu.edu | Web: www.wwu.edu/employeelanguage

Active Minds Changing Lives

The WWU Employee Language Program workshops are an initiative put forth by the Office of the President to support Western faculty and staff through professional development and to encourage multicultural outreach and awareness. The workshops are the result of a combined effort by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, and Outreach and Continuing Education.

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