COVID-19 Symptom Attestation

Daily Health Attestation Required for Campus Visitors

As part of Washington State’s Safe Start Plan for Higher Education, Western is expected to screen all persons who enter our physical locations for COVID-19 symptoms and to follow health and safety requirements to prevent disease spread. Accordingly, we are requiring all visitors to a Western location to complete this attestation form EVERY DAY you enter a Western location. Visitors include anyone who is on campus who is not a Western employee or student. This includes contractors working at a Western location, students from another university, guests, visiting researchers, volunteers, and anyone else who is not an employee or a student.

Western faculty, staff and students are also required to complete an attestation daily prior to visiting a physical Western location. Self-attestation is just one component of the larger effort to minimize COVID-19 disease spread. Individuals must also wear a facial covering, wash hands frequently and practice physical distancing.

The attestation form can be found here. Visitors should contact their Western liaison directly if they have questions regarding the attestation process.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 2:14pm