CSU - Long Beach's May Ling Halim to discuss her research on gender equality March 5

WWU's Center for Cross Cultural Research will host California State University at Long Beach Associate Professor of Psychology May Ling Halim at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4 in Academic West 204 for "The Development of Gender Intergroup Attitudes Among Ethnically Diverse Children."

Gender equality remains elusive. Even though we may have intimate contact with one another within our families or within our romantic relationships, the gender stereotypes we hold and the attitudes we have towards gender groups can contribute to devaluation, prejudice and discrimination. What factors shape these attitudes, and do cultures vary in their gender attitudes? Halim will discuss four studies that first describe the gender intergroup attitudes and stereotypes of young children from diverse ethnic groups within the U.S. Next, and present findings that show links between (i) family socialization, (ii) peer friendships, and (iii) cognitive and social identity tendencies and children’s and emerging adults’ gender attitudes. She will conclude with implications and practical considerations in promoting positive and respectful relationships among gender groups.

May Ling Halim will also present a workshop entitled:
Observing Psychological Phenomena Across Cultures: Tips for Creating Reliable and Valid Coding Systems
Thursday, March 5 Noon to 2 p.m., AW 205

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