COVID Clearance Status system for students to close down June 11

The COVID Clearance Status system used to track daily health screens and COVID testing for students with an on-campus presence will be disabled after noon on Friday, June 11.

Students will no longer see notifications from the system or be able to fill out daily attestations. All Clearances will show Yellow over the weekend and move to Blue (N/A) on Monday morning. The COVID Clearance Status system will be reactivated beginning Fall Quarter based on further guidance from the WA State Department of Health.

In addition, the final day of COVID surveillance testing at Fraser Hall will be Thursday, June 10. Eligible students with COVID-like symptoms can contact the Student Health Center during the summer quarter to obtain diagnostic COVID testing as needed.

For the time being, students with an on-campus presence during summer quarter will be required to complete daily health screens at for any day they are on campus. Any further updates to this requirement will be provided when more information is available.

  • Student employees must complete the employee attestation.
  • Students with any other on campus presence must complete the visitor attestation

Thank you for doing your part to keep Western safe!

Student Health Center

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Monday, June 7, 2021 - 11:14am