Construction update: Carver Academic Facility renovation

Western Today staff

The renovation of Carver Academic will begin in earnest soon. The facility will be closed to the public after Commencement, June 13th and will be under construction for approximately 18 months. Future locations of programs/events currently held in Carver are being determined, including the very popular Wellness Program. Call Human Resources (650-3774 for the most up to date information on Wellness classes.

Construction fencing will be installed beginning the first of July; contractor laydown area will occupy the north end of the field behind the science buildings. Map below shows proposed plan.

In anticipation of the July 1st construction start date, some offices/function have already moved out of Carver; others are in the process or will be soon.

Completed Moves:

  • The Faculty Club moved from the Canada House to the Old Main 590 Solarium.
  • The Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI) moved from Bond Hall 418 and joined Canadian Studies in the Canada House.
  • Storage containers will be located next to the Wade King Student Recreation Center for PEHR and Athletics equipment storage and checkout.
  • Some PEHR faculty/staff moved from Carver to Bond Hall 418 in March.

Interim Moves:

  • By late June, Bond Hall 103 and 114 General University Classrooms and Bond Hall 173 converts to Physical Education, Health and Recreation (PEHR) office space.
  • The small building next to the Wade King Student Recreation all-weather track will be converted into an Athletics Department training facility. Trainers and equipment will move in at the beginning of August.
  • In early June, most of the equipment in the Parberry Weight Room in Carver moves to the Ridgeway Commons. The remaining equipment will be temporarily stored.
  • Two of the three courts in the Wade King Student Recreation Center will be restriped to NCAA basketball court dimensions to accommodate NCAA basketball practices. The third court will remain as a volley ball court. The courts will be shared with existing Student Recreation activities and PEHR.
  • Athletics Department offices are moving to High Street Hall from now until the end of June. The Fine Arts student studio in High Street Hall will be relocated to a “to be determined” location.
  • Space in the Environmental Studies basement will be remodeled into three research labs, one lecture room and several computer stations. Construction begins late May. The PEHR Biomechanics Lab will move to the ES basement for Fall Quarter.
  • Lab materials and equipment in the Physiology Lab in Carver 210 and 210A are being moved to rooms 14 and 16 in the Bond Hall basement from now until mid-June.

The April 28th, 2015 Summer Construction Projects Town Hall presentation is available here:

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Dale Krause, Construction Coordinator, 360/650-4646,

Friday, May 8, 2015