City approves 24/7 closure of High Street through campus

Western Today staff

The Bellingham City Council has approved the permanent restriction of vehicular traffic on High Street through a portion of campus. The restriction, which is for 24 hours per day and seven days per week, goes into effect immediately and will continue to be limited to the section of High Street that has been restricted during daytime hours. Western will be taking steps to make that restriction more apparent to the public and to campus. In the next few weeks, Western will be improving signage and educating vehicle owners to help smooth the transition.

The City Council action, as a way to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety, approved closing High Street through campus to vehicles, with the exception of public transit, emergency vehicles (including police and fire) and university maintenance and support vehicles. Bicycles will continue to be allowed full access to High Street through campus.

Additionally, Bellingham's director of Public Works is authorized to allow the use of that portion of High Street for circulation of private vehicular traffic during the winter months, as weather conditions require, as an alternate route to access to citizens of the area. Were that to happen, emergency access signs would be placed at conspicuous places along the street.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014