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Changes and updates made to on-site visit forms and Safe Start reopening plans

On site visits and Safe Start reopening plans

In response to concerns expressed by a number of campus users, Western's Covid19 Incident Management Team has made a couple of significant improvements to both the on-site visit process and the process for amending approved reopening plans.  Details and helpful links to job aids are found in the attachment, but here are some highlights.

What’s new

There is a new on-site visit request form (see PDF attached below for more information) designed for campus visits when a department has not completed a Department Reopening Plan, or for a one-time location change or employee visit time that is outside the Department Reopening Plan details. Note that this new form requires you to log in at while logged into VPN.

Through this portal, employees can request to come on-site, review their on-site history, and edit existing requests. They may also make a request to sponsor a non-WWU employee visit.  If you are a supervisor, you have the additional ability to approve requests and delegate others to make such approvals.  Finally, if you are a COVID-19 Site Supervisor, you have the ability to edit or review on-site employee schedules.

There is also a new Department Reopening Plan Amendment form to replace the original version in ReADY.  This form is used if you need to make minor modifications to an approved re-opening plan such as changing a location, changing or adding a site supervisor, or adding employees to an approved reopening plan.

What’s NOT new/What hasn’t changed

  • Daily Attestations are still required. Those who are approved through the Department Reopening Plan will continue to receive a daily reminder to complete the attestation and visitors will complete the same attestation for the approved visit.
  • Departments needing to submit a brand new reopening plan or a heavily revised reopening plan will continue to do so through the ReADY application.
  • Contractors will continue to submit COVID-19 safety plans via the sponsoring office.
  • Students enrolled in face-to-face courses are authorized on campus by virtue of their enrollment in the course. Students in research activities are approved either through enrollment in an approved face-to-face course or through the Department Reopening Plan for research. Note that a unique student visit can be requested by a faculty or staff member through the on-site visit request form.


If you have questions, please send them to We will get them routed to the right place and get an answer as soon as possible!

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Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 12:12pm