Center for Service-Learning creates webzine telling of service-learning challenges, impacts

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 10:37am
Western Today staff

The Center for Service-Learning at Western Washington University asked faculty, students and community leaders what service-learning means to them. Not only did they share their individual definitions, but they told about their favorite moments, greatest challenges, unexpected outcomes and impacts of service-learning projects.

Those stories are told in the center's new webzine, "is...," now available for viewing online.

Although the collaborative efforts varied greatly, the CSL discovered threads of commonality among all of the stories. For some, service-learning is intentional. For others, it means taking a risk. It means real change, strong partnerships and gaining confidence in personal and professional skills.

The stories highlighted in the center's new zine are just a snapshot of the work accomplished through Western’s service-learning classes. These projects make a powerful difference in the local community. Civic engagement impacts students and faculty in all disciplines, from English to environmental studies and from sociology to journalism. Community members, including women in need, seniors, at-risk youth and many others, are all positively affected by Western partnerships.