Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment offerings for the second half of fall quarter

Hello! Our Teaching, Learning, & Technology team at the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment  has just a few more learning opportunities this quarter--including two tomorrow and a new webinar about open educational practices. Hope you can join us!

  1. MONDAY MORNING MENTOR (click "Join this Course")
    Mondays – 10/1-12/10, 10-11 AM, HH 154
    Join us for the video, coffee/tea & discussion. Each Monday (see below), a new online teaching strategy video is made available and accessible for 7 days. Even if you cannot join us, you can watch the videos on your own during the week they are available.
    • 11/12: How Can I Engage the Emotions of My Students to Maximize Learning? ONLINE ONLY (holiday)
    • 11/19: How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations?
    • 11/26: How Can I Encourage Students to Stay Connected with Course Content After Class?
    • 12/3: How Can Talking through Course Evaluations Improve my Teaching?
    • 12/10: How Can Promoting Academic Integrity Improve Learning Outcomes for Students?
  2. WEBINAR: Engaging Students Through Creativity in Instruction [Add to Outlook]*
    Thurs., Nov. 8, 10-11 AM, HH154
    Join us as we tune in to watch this webinar and hear from Joni Dunlap, Faculty Fellow for Teaching, who has seen growing success from encouraging faculty to incorporate elements that diverge from traditional lecturing into their classrooms. During this webcast, you will engage in a variety of activities and discussions to give you ideas for providing multiple avenues for learning with students, including creative ways to start or end a course, carry out in-class lectures, activities, and discussions, and to set up assessments and feedback. More details. A few days after the live event, WWU will have access (see TLT ProDev Canvas site) to this recording and supplemental materials for 60 days (expires 1/8/19).
  3. PRESENTATION: Defensive Computing [Register on WWU's  PageUp Learning Library.]
    Thurs., Nov. 8, 3-4 PM, Humanities 242 (HR Lab)
    Now more than ever, protecting your computer, mobile phone, and online accounts is imperative--and getting increasingly difficult to do. ATUS Instructional Technologist Chris Powell will be your guide in navigating unpredictable online waters. In this workshop, you will learn how to secure your mobile/desktop devices, how to protect your access to the internet at home and in public, and how to keep your email accounts safe. In addition, Chris will discuss the importance of a strong password and multi-factor authentication, the difference between a virus and malware, and how to identify phishing emails.
  4. WEBINAR: Transforming Learning with Open Educational Practices and Pedagogy [Add to Outlook]*
    Wed., Nov. 14, 11 AM-Noon, HH 154
    Join us as we tune in to watch this live webinar, part of a series by the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources, which is open and free to the open education community. Open educational practices enable new ways for students to learn and create knowledge. We will hear from several pioneering OER faculty who utilize open educational practices and pedagogy to enhance student engagement and knowledge as they blur the boundary between instructor and student in collaboratively building the commons. If you cannot join us live, the slides and videos will be posted a couple of days after the webinar at (currently past webinars are available).
  5. WORKSHOP: Going Beyond Polling with Socrative [Add to Outlook]*
    Wed., Nov. 14, Noon-1 PM, HH 154 
    Bring your devices and be ready to explore methods for using the Socrative Pro polling tool, available for academic use at WWU (just ask!). ATUS/CIIA instructional designer Justina Brown will share ideas and strategies for using this powerful tool for student engagement. Expect to participate and share your ideas, too!
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 9:09am

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