Business and Financial Affairs at WWU announces reorganization

Western Today staff

Tim Wynn, director of Facilities Management at Western Washington University, will be retiring this summer. Western’s Division of Business and Financial Affairs has analyzed its organization and will be reorganizing some of its units through a phased-in approach over the next few months, in order to more efficiently serve the campus and in response to the current budget situation.

As part of the reorganization, Capital Budget and Facilities Design and Construction Administration will be put under Rick Benner, now director of Capital Planning and Development. This new area will be called Facilities Development and Capital Budget. The merger of these three offices will eliminate a director's position as a cost-saving measure.

"Rick had been over Facilities Design and Construction Administration for 20 years and has worked with Capital Budget for longer than that and is looking forward to taking on the additional responsibilities," said Richard Van Den Hul, vice president for Business and Financial Affairs.

Renee Roberts, director of the Capital Budget Office, has asked to go on extended leave in order to travel and will be gone most of September through December. When she returns, she has asked to resume work in a reduced capacity.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 10:36am