Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Guy Occhiogrosso Joins Advisory Board of WWU’s Career Services Center 

Guy Occhiogrosso, president and CEO of the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, is the new co-chair of Western Washington University’s Career Center Advisory Board. 

“The connection between our education systems and our employers has never been more important than during this post-pandemic workforce crisis we are currently experiencing. It is my hope that we can employ as many WWU graduates as possible with the added intention of keeping many of these newly minted professionals in our local and regional workforce,” said Occhiogrosso. 

The main purpose of the Career Services Center Advisory Board is to further career and professional development opportunities for WWU students. The WWU staff and Employer representatives on the board, on behalf of the students, work to increase career preparedness and opportunities of Western students; monitor the job market, particularly in the state and region; gather feedback from employer-stakeholders on career services initiatives; provide information about WWU programs, departments and colleges; and identify further opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Occhiogrosso takes over for Boeing Employees Credit Union’s Jon Jenks-Baur. 

“We are very happy for Jon and his new responsibilities and are extremely grateful for all his assistance in helping WWU students and alumni,” said Effie Eisses, director of Western’s Career Services Center. 

Click here to see the current members of the Career Services Center Advisory Board; to learn more about the Career Services Center at Western Washington University, go to

Friday, September 23, 2022