Associated Students complete first-ever Day of Service in Bellingham

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 11:57am
Western Today staff

The Associated Students of Western Washington University held its first-ever Day of Service on Saturday, April 9, in Bellingham.

Each of the organization’s 150 employees volunteered at one of seven community organizations in Bellingham. This event took the place of traditional mid-quarter training and was designed to foster community awareness and team-building.

“For the AS, this is a more interactive way to learn about teamwork than sitting in a three-hour training session,” said Brianne Kumar, director of the Associated Students Personnel Office. “Employees get to experience Bellingham hands-on and can make the experience what they want and need.”

Another goal of this project was to show appreciation for the city of Bellingham and the multitude of resources and programs it provides residents.

“I want the AS to make their mark on the community, and with 150 employees we really can make a difference,” Kumar said.

Staff volunteered at the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, Bellingham Boys & Girls Club, Brigid Collins Family Support Center, Franklin Park, Lydia Place, Maritime Heritage Park and Mt. Baker Theatre. Volunteer duties ranged from sprucing up an event space to enhancing the local salmon habitat.

“It’s important to realize that students care about this town, and important to reach out and contribute,” said Colin Watrin, president of the Associated Students.