An Important Update on Recent Allegations of Student Sexual Misconduct

The following statement was sent to campus via email on Thursday by WWU Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Melynda Huskey:


Dear Campus Community:

Recently, a Facebook post has been circulating that accuses a Western student of multiple instances of alleged sexual misconduct and sexual violence.  You may have seen or heard about this post, contributed to the comments, or shared it with others.  I am writing in order to provide accurate information about what Western is doing, and what we can and cannot share about this situation.

We take these allegations very seriously, and an investigation is underway. The Equal Opportunity Office is in contact with people who have shared information on social media to learn more about specific incidents.  We encourage anyone who would like to discuss reporting options to contact Sue Guenter-Schlesinger at 360-650-3911 or Confidential supportive resources are also available through CASAS (360-650-3700), the Counseling Center (360-650-3164), Student Health Center (360-650-3400) and Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services (360-715-1563). Ensuring that student survivors receive care and support is our first priority.

Due to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Western is legally prohibited from sharing most information regarding individual students.  And, because anyone accused of violating the law, the WWU Student Conduct Code, or Title IX is entitled to a fair process, Western is also prohibited from sharing information about serious misconduct cases until the process is completed.

What we can share is that this student is not currently attending classes at Western, working on campus, or residing in university housing.   

We recognize that reporting such incidents can be incredibly painful and distressing, and Western is committed to a process currently underway to restructure its Title IX Office, procedures, and policies to make this process more transparent, trauma-informed, and survivor-centered.  If you or someone you know has experienced sexual misconduct or sexual violence, I urge you to seek support from any of the resources listed here.

I want to assure you that Western is taking this matter seriously, and is taking action to address it as quickly and completely as possible.



Melynda Huskey.

Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services

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Friday, January 11, 2019 - 10:35am