Access to Miller Hall to be altered while demolition, construction progress

On Monday, Jan. 25, Dawson Construction will begin construction of barrier walls inside Miller Hall corridors. Shortly after that, demolition for the new electrical room in the dirt crawl space area of the basement in the north east corner of 1940s building will begin. Several other areas will be impacted as part of this work. The interior ramp at the north end of the building will be demolished, as will the adjacent office suite (Room 153) above the basement electrical room. Office suite 155, which is above suite 153, also will be part of the demolition area.

ATUS offices in the north end of Miller Hall will be accessible only via the exterior door located at the north end of the building off of parking lot 10G. These offices include Graphics (Miller Hall Room 181), Video Services (Miller Hall Room 197) and Web Services (Miller Hall Room 182). The videoconferencing classroom (Miller Hall Room 186) and video conference room (Miller Hall Room 183) also are located in this area and will be accessible only via the same exterior north door. Every attempt is being made to maintain the two restrooms located on the second floor mezzanine in this area.

Access to the main level corridor in the 1940s building no longer will be available from the exterior door located at the north end of the building off of parking lot 10G. Access will be only from the main entry below the bell tower.

On the second floor, the north-end interior ramp will be blocked off for demolition, but all office suites on the second floor will remain accessible via the main corridor and central stair currently in use. Two barrier walls will be built across the second floor corridor at the north end. One barrier will be a solid wall to prevent access to the interior ramp. Another barrier will be located further south in the corridor. The barrier will include a door to allow access to offices in the area and is a requirement of the building code relating to exit corridors.

For everyone’s safety, Facilities Management asks that no one enters the construction area for any reason. Those with questions or concerns should contact Dale Krause, the on-site representative, at (360) 650-4646.

Friday, January 22, 2010 - 11:24am