Abstract of March 11, 2013, Faculty Senate meeting

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 10:45am
Western Today staff

Karen Stout, Faculty Senate president, called senators to order at 4:05 p.m. Senators accepted senate minutes of Feb. 25, 2013, and standing committee minutes. UPRC minutes of Jan. 30 and Feb. 13 were postponed pending clarification of several items.


President Stout:

  • Offered congratulations to Senator Jovanovic on the birth of her daughter
  • Reported that HR will link finalized information regarding Ethics in the Workplace to the Senate website
  • Reported that a new university process will allow students as well as faculty and staff to indicate a preferred first name to help prevent undesired disclosure of transgender identity, which may be helpful for other student populations as well.

WWU President Bruce Shepard:

  • Announced that enrollments around the state are a bit soft as a result of economic fluctuation and as people discover other options
  • Announced that there was a great deal of response to our letters regarding the possible effects of sequestration on financial aid. Supplemental grant and Work study were not cut for us and there are no cuts to Pell grants.

WWU Provost Catherine Riordan:

  • Announced that Mark Greenberg, the new dean of Western Libraries, will begin on June 1
  • Reported that Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies dean candidates will be on campus this week
  • Commended faculty and departments for the excellent selections in the faculty hiring pool including a potential new director of Shannon Point.

Dan Boxberger, faculty legislative representative, sent an email from Olympia with some of the House Bills moving along, including the Dream Act, plans to prohibit differential tuition, and an initiative to make funding Higher Education the second highest priority in the state.

Steve Garfinkle, president of United Faculty of Western Washington, announced a 4 p.m. forum on Tuesday, March 12, on Compression and Equity, followed by a 5 p.m. meeting on the question of a representation fee (both in Miller Hall Room 152). Almost 84 percent of the faculty should have received notification. Garfinkle encouraged faculty to watch the 14 minute video explaining the applied formula and to email him if there is a need for more specific information.

Victor Celis from the Associated Students announced that applications for more than 100 paying AS jobs will remain open until April 11. The filing period to run for the AS Board of Directors ends April 9, and faculty are asked to encourage students to apply. The AS Board is looking at 12 initiatives that will also be on the ballot.

David Brunnemer, Registrar and director of Disability Resources for Students, explained the dynamic increase in the DRS population since 1998, particularly in the areas of learning disabilities and mental illness. Western has achieved the highest rank in retention and graduation of DRS students because of its commitment to individualized accommodation. President Shepard encouraged faculty to create a welcoming environment on the first day of class for DRS students who may hesitate to identify themselves. Brunnemer encouraged faculty to contact DRS for a referral for a student who might need an accommodation to be successful in class, even if that means while a student is present during office hours.

Executive Council Motion: Regarding BL 7.4.1.B : The Executive Council proposed to allot the two at-large faculty positions of the 2013-2014 UPRC to CHSS and CST. The motion was seconded. The senate concurred without discussion and the motion passed.

Senators adjourned at 5:32 p.m.

Appointments and elections - Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, officer:

The deadline for Nomination Petitions for the 2013-15 Senate has been extended until Monday March 18. Candidates are still needed from the College of Sciences and Technology (Area A), the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (Areas B and C), and the College of Fine & Performing Arts (Area D). 

Nominees for the 2013-2015 Senate are listed on the following page.

Senate Elections Status Update as of Monday, March 11, 2013

At least 4 candidates are still required as follows: 1 from each area: CST, CFPA, CHSS (1 from B and 1 from C)

Area A – Natural Sciences – 6 Senators FOUR Candidates required from Area A
Craig Moyer, Biology 1 Andreas Riemann, Physics/Astronomy
(Clint) Paul Spiegel, Chemistry 2 Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry
3 Daphne Sluys, Mathematics
4 Vacant
Area B – Social Sciences – 4 Senators THREE Candidates required from Area B
Kathleen Saunders, Anthropology 1 Keith Russell, PEHR
2 Jim Graham, Psychology
3 Vacant
Area C – Humanities – 7 Senators Four Candidates required from Area C
(Senate President upon election serves At-Large)
Sandra Alfers, MC&L 1 Johann Neem, History
Karen Stout, Communication 2 Jennifer Karchmer, Communication
Sheila Webb, Journalism 3 Sean Murphy, Liberal Studies
Michiko Yusa, MC&L 4 Vacant
Area D – Fine & Performing Arts – 3 Senators One Candidate required from Area D
Milica Jelaca Jovanovic, Music 1 Vacant
Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Design
Area E – Business & Economics – 3 Senators One Candidate required from Area E
Steve Henson, Economics 1 David Gilbertson, Accounting
Jason Kanov, Management
Area F – Fairhaven College– 1 Senator
One Candidate required from Area F
None continuing 1 Babafemi Akinrinade, Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Area H – Woodring College– 3 Senators One Candidate required from Area H
Don Larsen, Education Administration 1 Trula Nicholas, Human Services
Molly Ware, Secondary Education

Huxley College and Western Libraries each have a continuing senator and so do not elect a senator this year.