27 veterans, 39 veteran dependents to graduate June 11

Western Today staff

This spring, the Western Washington University Veteran Community will celebrate 66 students as they graduate from Western. Of those 66 graduates, 27 are veterans and the remaining 39 are children or spouses of veterans.

Graduates are leaving Western with degrees running the gamut from accounting to journalism to theater.

"They brought their accomplishments and skills to Western and continued to build their skillsets while studying in their programs," said Ann Beck, assistant director of Veteran Services at Western. "I look forward to what their next steps bring."

Veteran students will be wearing their white WWU Veteran stoles, and dependents of veterans will be wearing red, white and blue cords as a nod to the veteran parents who have played roles in their lives.

For more information on the WWU Veteran Community, contact Ann.Beck@wwu.edu.

Friday, June 3, 2016 - 11:19am
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Courtesy photo

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