MSU student to use Fulbright for study of disease in Zambian wildlife, livestock

As Montana State University's lone recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship in 2012, Angela Brennan is eagerly awaiting her chance to travel to Zambia to study the effects of disease on wildlife and livestock.
Brennan, a doctoral student in the Department of Ecology, said plans to launch her nine-month Fulbright project this year in Liuwa Plain National Park were shelved temporarily to allow the seasonal rain to clear out of the region. Liuwa is home to one of Africa's great migrations.
Once the rainy season abates, Brennan will investigate how brucellosis, foot-and-mouth disease and bovine tuberculosis affect Liuwa's wildlife, particularly blue wildebeest, which migrate back and forth across Liuwa. While she's there, Brennan will be working on behalf of two African conservation groups - Zambian Carnivore Programme and the African Parks Network.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 11:26am