Live music biz asks Sen. Gary Peters for a bailout

Detroit Metro Times

When Sen. Gary Peters joined a small coterie of Detroit-affiliated members of the music business on Oct. 19 for an election-season Zoom call, the conversation began with topics like climate change, protecting the Great Lakes, and criminal justice reform. But the talk quickly turned to a looming issue: our pandemic-era inability to kick out the jams in person (and the fervent hope that we will be able to resume kicking them out soon).

Voices of Michigan and Third Man Records Cass Corridor sponsored the call, which included panelists Don Was and Wayne Kramer. Moderator Stefani Scamardo, president and founder of Evil Teen Records and Hard Head Productions and Management, talked about the personal impact of COVID-19 shutdowns on her work.

Wriiten by Journalism's Brian J. Bowe.

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Friday, October 23, 2020 - 12:19pm