KUGS among best college radio stations in America

While in today’s iTunes and Spotify driven world it may seem hard to imagine radio stations having a place in the music landscape, many college campuses operate thriving independent stations via traditional FM/AM platforms and online listening platforms. According to a report by UNESCO, there are over 44,000 radio stations worldwide, while AM/FM radio listening accounts for 86% of the total time adults aged 25 to 54 spend listening to audio. Overwhelmingly, students are drawn to college radio stations not only because they provide access to an underground music scene, but also because they give timely updates to listeners on campus and local happenings. Here’s our list of the 51 Colleges with the Best Radio Stations. Note that schools on the list are sorted alphabetically; schools are not actually assigned a one through fifty rank.

Friday, October 30, 2015 - 1:19pm