Huntington’s disease: Why scientists are so excited at ‘game changing’ breakthrough

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Finding a cure for any disease is a complex process. The first goal has to be ensuring any potential drug does not have toxic side effects. Therefore, the main aim of the UCL study was determining whether the experimental drug – given to the majority of the 46 men and women from the UK, Germany and Canada with early stages Huntington’s who took part – is safe. Around a quarter were given a placebo. The results showed the drug lowered the level of the toxic disease-causing protein in the nervous system and did so safely. Anyone wondering just how excited scientists were should read the account by Dr Jeff Carroll, a neuroscientist at Western Washington University, on the HD Buzz website. “Both editors indulged in a little bit of happy dancing when they saw the press release,” he said. “It’s really big news!”

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 9:49am