Don’t let a little rain keep you from having fun, making memories with your kids

The Bellingham Herald

It has been a fall to remember here in Bellingham, with temperatures hovering around 60 and sunshine well into October. I cannot recall a more colorful display in the 30 years I have lived and played in the Pacific Northwest. But this too shall pass. We have reached a turning point and now the rains and cold weather are upon us.

What does this mean for families with young children as the outside grows cold and wet, and the dark hours grow longer? One shudders to think of the wind and rain, the night hours longer than the day, and the walls suddenly feeling closer. The good news is, each season holds a gift of its own, and for this season it’s time to connect with each other. What better time to contribute to your family’s repertoire of memorable traditions than when the outside brings you inside for the long run?


Guest column by WWU's Carolyn Mulder of the AS Child Development Center

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 9:27am