Born to lead

Courtney Rambo has always been a leader.

“Thinking back to elementary school, middle school and high school, always being involved in (Associated Student Body),” she said. “I just think I have a lot of energy.”

Rambo grew up in North Bend, where, coincidentally, she attended high school with other Top 7 Under 40 winner, Allyson Farrar. They served on the Associated Student Body together.

“I came up here to go to Western in 2007,” Rambo said. “And I never left.”

While working on her bachelor’s degree, she started working at a small sales company, which was then bought out by SPIE, an organization that serves scientists and engineers who work with light.

Rambo started working in the marketing department, and discovered a passion for digital marketing, in particular.

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 8:36am