Alert consumers committed to protecting county farms

The Bellingham Herald

Small- and medium-sized farms are mostly what we see in Whatcom County. They make an important contribution to both our food supply and the economy in the North Puget Sound region. Yet, our farms are threatened by a range of extreme events and by rapid economic changes.

Disturbance may come in the form of severe weather, spikes in energy prices or rapid changes in zoning practice unfavorable to farming. Such threats may jeopardize Whatcom County farms' competitive position, favoring instead farms in regions boasting more favorable climate or reliable labor supply or rational water-permitting practices. Indeed, many farms may be vulnerable, as they operate close to resilience thresholds that threaten their long-term viability.

This article was written by Gigi Berardi, a faculty member with the Resilient Farms Project at Huxley College of the Environment's Resilience Institute. More information:

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 11:49am