Students learn to live green on- and off-campus

Brianna Kuplent
Communications and Marketing intern
Friday, November 8, 2013 - 12:38pm

Western Washington University’s Residents’ Resource Awareness Program, ResRAP, constructed a mock dorm room in Red Square during Sustainability Week to show students how they can alter their living habits for a more sustainable future.

Using a rented bed from a University Residences room and a borrowed bookshelf, toilet and sink from the ReStore, the ResRAP team attracted students to read signs placed around the “dorm room” about sustainable benefits like taking the bus instead of driving, buying local organic foods, the cost of leaving appliances plugged in and sharing materials like textbooks with friends to cut down costs and consumption.

“Generally our program has focused solely on on-campus residents,” said Kendra Krantz, ResRAP coordinator. “The great thing about this display is that it reaches both on- and off-campus students, which not only helps to expand our program, but reaches a far greater percent of the university population.”

During the day, students posted pledges for how they can live more sustainably; those were compiled onto a pledge wall where other students could see how others are changing their lifestyles. The booth also offered a "Sustainable Room Kit," which included a shower timer and two energy-efficient plugs as a raffle prize.

“The goal is that students will be given these tools to better equip them for making sustainable changes and once they have developed a specific habit, such as taking five-minute showers using their shower timer, they will be able to pass these tools on to evoke change in another person,” Krantz said. “These small pieces of technology instill just enough change to create lasting differences in the lives of Western’s students.”

The ResRAP "Living Green" Museum was displayed all day on Wednesday, Nov. 6 in Red Square, and will continue to be posted throughout the ResRAP Facebook page and website.

For more information contact Kendra Krantz, ResRAP coordinator, at 360-650-2011 or

The Residents’ Resource Awareness Program is in its seventh year of educating residents at Western Washington University on sustainable living in the residents’ halls. The program has, among other things, developed composting in the residents halls, implemented shower timers in Higginson, developed a one-credit course for on-campus Eco Reps, started the Green Residents Certification to celebrate students that live sustainably and provided tools to students for bettering their living styles. The overall goal of the program is to provide resources and educate residents on why it is important to live sustainably and how they can do it. The goal is for the practices they develop in their time in the resident halls to be carried over into their future off-campus living situations.


The Red Square exhibit included a board on which visitors pledged to undertake various activities in support of the environment. Photo by Brianna Kuplent / WWU Communications and Marketing intern