Lifelong friends re-create old images on campus

Matthew Anderson
Western Today editor
Monday, August 12, 2013 - 11:38am

A couple Western Washington University alumni shared reunion photos with us last week, and I thought they were too great not to pass on.

The first set of photos shows alumni Ann Tygret McCrea and Ann Landerholm-Burke, who reunited in front of Fisher Fountain in Red Square last week to re-create a shot they took in the same spot 28 years earlier.

Not only are these women WWU alumni, but they're part of a family legacy. The occasion for their reunion was Summerstart, Western's annual orientation program for freshmen. McCrea was attending Summerstart with her daughter Megan, while Landerholm-Burke was here with her daughter Jenna.

The second set of photos show recent alumni Victoria Quayle and Paige Mackintosh. The photos show the lifelong friends on their first day of school (way back in kindergarten) and on their last day of school (at their graduation from Western).

View these and other photos on the WWU Facebook page.


WWU alumni Ann Tygret McCrea and Victoria Quayle shared these photos recently in which they re-created old memories on the Western campus. Courtesy photos