Creative Writing students start new online fiction magazine, ‘The Kitchen Sink’

by Jane Footh, WWU Office of Communications and Marketing Intern
  • The Kitchen Sink masthead

Creative Writing seniors Jensen Goldberg of Seattle and Benjamin Brown of Kirkland wanted to create a welcoming space for Western students to publish their fiction writing, so they launched  “The Kitchen Sink” online magazine to give students just that opportunity.

“We are trying to create a really inviting space and encourage Western students to get their work published or get a little more publishing experience before graduation,” Goldberg said. “It will give students an opportunity to showcase their work where it otherwise would not be accepted.”

The idea originated as a class project for a publishing and editing course Goldberg and Brown were in. After the project was complete, they wanted to continue the project but open it up to all students interested in publishing their fiction writing.

There is currently a call for submissions for the first fall edition. The submission deadline is Sept. 15, and the fall edition will be published online Sept. 30.

“We have already got quite a few pieces from Western students,” Goldberg said. “It's been so exciting to see the first round of stories trickling in.”

They are accepting short stories under 5,000 words from five categories of fiction, including horror/thriller, history/western, fantasy/sci-fi, crime/mystery and romance. 

The magazine will feature a little bit of everything under the fiction genre, which is where the name of the magazine comes from.

Goldberg said she is already thinking ahead to the winter edition; submissions deadline for that edition is Dec. 15.

To submit your fiction story visit and for information on “The Kitchen Sink” online magazine, contact Jensen Goldberg at

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