Construction update: Parking to be removed from behind Miller Hall Tuesday

Matthew Anderson

Beginning Tuesday, July 21, no parking will be allowed east and south of Miller Hall.

The contractor for the Miller Hall renovation project, Dawson Construction, will be installing the construction fence starting Tuesday. The fenced area is represented by the dotted line in the image to the right.

Construction signage is starting to be put in place today along East College Way. Commuters and pedestrians should give themselves a little extra time over the next few days to become familiar with the new pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle routes in and around this area of campus.

A trailer has been set up in Red Square for use as a temporary Miller Market; that store opens on Aug. 24.

For more information on the Miller Hall construction project, read the special edition of "The Shape of Things to Come" from Facilities Management.

Monday, July 20, 2009