Carmona Flamenco to play July 22

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Next up in the Summer Noon Concert series is Carmona Flamenco, an award-winning flamenco group from Seattle, who will perform July 22 on the PAC plaza.

The group's performance will include a combination of guitar, singing, dancing and percussion, said Marcos Carmona, guitarist for Carmona Flamenco.

Carmona has been performing the flamenco style for 45 years. The mournful style of this music is what attracted him to the flamenco many years ago, he said.

“It’s very emotional music, sometimes even over the top. It’s very sad or very happy, even at its happiest it’s somewhat sad. There’s always an edge of melancholy which I really like,” Carmona said.

Flamenco music originated in Spain and is one of true world music styles, Carmona said.

“Particularly in the singing," he said. "It’s a combination of ancient Hebrew, Christian, Gypsy and Moorish influences.”

Carmona said most of the performance on July 22 will be improvised. Audience members can expect to see dances, song solos with Rubina Carmona singing, a guitar and percussion duet with Marcos Carmona and David Carmona and a couple baile dances.

Carmona Flamenco has performed all over Spain, the United States and Europe. Pack a lunch and come see them perform on July 22 at noon on the PAC plaza.

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