Blue Group, Western Libraries to Host 'Undocu Students: Our Untold Stories'  March 1 

  • Blue Group, Western Libraries to Host 'Undocu Students: Our Untold Stories'  March 1 
    Blue Group, Western Libraries to Host 'Undocu Students: Our Untold Stories'  March 1 

Western Libraries will host a student panel discussion, “The Journeys and Untold Stories of Western Washington University's Undocumented Students," on Thursday, March 1 at 4 p.m. in the Library Presentation Room (Wilson Library Room 164F).  

The event is free and open to the public.

Please join us for the chance to hear first-hand some of the untold stories from members of the Blue Group, Western's undocumented student club, and to learn about how we at Western can better support undocumented students.

“My  life isn’t a movie, it’s a reality.” Those words come directly from Maria Dimas’ narrative, "America Was Never White," one of the many stories shared in the book, "UndocuStudents: Our Untold Stories," written by students at Western and published by Western CEDAR.  During this event, panelists will share some of their own experiences and talk about their inspiration for this book.

Undocumented students face a number of pressures and stresses that are unique to their student experience because of their status. UndocuStudents: Our Untold Stories, is a collection of essays, poetry, photographs, and artwork created by members of the Blue Group.  

As the Blue Group has grown from just a few students meeting informally into an official Western Washington University Associated Students club, into an organization that is now widely recognized in their local community, members of the Blue Group increasingly receive requests to give presentations to help people understand their experiences as undocumented immigrants and students. Their book is one way these remarkable students are sharing their perspectives and insights with their community.

As stated in the introduction to the book:

“You may read or see a piece in this book that resonates strongly with you, that helps you realize you are not alone. Or you may read or see a piece that causes you to think about something from a new perspective, from a place that challenges you. Or you may read or see something that makes you want to learn even more, something that inspires you to seek out others in your own community whom you can connect with and find ways to support. All of these things are good, and we hope that in sharing these pieces of ourselves, others will feel supported and find ways of giving support.”

This event is sponsored by Western Libraries in collaboration with the Blue Group, whose mission is to provide undocumented students the opportunity to meet other undocumented students, find resources and services, and to build community.

URL for more information: UndocuStudents: Our Untold Stories - (the book in Western CEDAR)


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