From Window magazine: Alumnus brings sustainable practices to the building demolition industry

Thursday, December 3, 2009 - 10:25am

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Dave Bennink ('94) is bringing sustainable practices to the building demolition industry. Deconstruction can create thousands of jobs while saving precious resources, he says.

“Our goal is to make building deconstruction a mainstream choice for building removal,” says Bennink, who has deconstructed about 500 buildings in 34 states and consulted on thousands of others.

“He has a hunger for dismantling buildings,” says John Majercak, chairperson of Building Materials Reuse Association. “There’s an intensity about him related to wanting to take down buildings efficiently.”

The association just named Bennink its National Deconstructor of the Year not only for his skills on the job, but his advocacy for the industry.

“A lot of people aren’t even thinking about deconstruction and don’t know what it is,” Majercak says. “You have to be able to sell the idea of deconstruction at the same time you’re selling your deconstruction services.”