Daniel Larner (Fairhaven College) has article published about Eugene O'Neill

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 9:59am

Daniel Larner (Fairhaven College) is the author of the lead article in the fall 2009 issue of "The Eugene O'Neill Review." "O'Neill's Endings: The Tragicomedy of Distant Echoes," the third in a series of articles on tragedy and comedy in O'Neill's work, explores the ways in which O'Neill's late plays reveal comic structures where they are most tragic, and how those comic structures are shadowed by tragedy. Explaining how these forms are implications of each other explains the way O'Neill paints large historical movement, and how he paves the way for contemporary tragi-comic sensibilities, so prominent in contemporary television's series dramas.


Daniel Larner (Fairhaven College)