Nearly 200 graduates sign first-ever sustainability pledge at Western

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 4:38pm

Nearly 200 Western Washington University seniors picking up their caps and gowns for commencement June 12 and 13 chose to be part of Western’s first-ever sustainability pledge.

The “Western Sustainability Graduation Pledge” was available to any spring 2013 graduate. Students could stop by the pledge table before picking up their cap and gown to pledge for social and environmental responsibility beyond college.

The pledge:

“I pledge to use the knowledge and experience I gain at WWU and beyond to actively work towards a more socially and environmentally responsible world. I pledge to consider intergenerational equity, minimization of consumerism and the preservation of the biotic community within my future endeavors. I will bring integrity, stewardship, and social justice into any organization of which I work or affiliate. “

By signing this voluntary pledge, graduating students not will only be pushing themselves toward a responsible future, but also will receive a pledge card for their wallet, a green ribbon to wear on their cap or gown, and optional recognition on the Office of Sustainability website.

For more information, contact Ian Collicott at the Office of Sustainability: 360-650-4575 or