Business and Sustainability bachelor's degree is Western's latest interdisciplinary offering

Friday, August 16, 2013 - 4:33pm

Western’s new bachelor’s program in Business and Sustainability, which begins accepting students in fall 2013, may be the first of its kind in the nation.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business and Sustainability is a combined major offered by the College of Business and Economics’ Department of Management and Huxley College of the Environment. 

Several master’s programs across the country already offer a combined study of business management and environmental science and/or environmental studies, said Craig Dunn, associate professor of Management and CBE's associate dean and director of graduate programs. But Dunn said he’s unaware of any such programs at the undergraduate level.

The degree gives students a foundation of knowledge in three areas: economic analysis, environmental science and policy, and business management. Students will take at least 104 credits in courses covering accounting, environmental policy, marketing, environmental law, lab science, green business practices, and more

“We’re really hoping to help students from Huxley better understand how businesses can be used for social good,” Dunn said. “And to help business students understand environmental science and the public policy that’s necessary in order to create a successful, environmentally sustainable business.”

Huxley College of the Environment and the College of Business and Economics already collaborate on a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Environmental Studies and with the College of Sciences and Technology on a minor in Energy Policy. CBE faculty are also working with other colleges to develop degree programs in social entrepreneurship as well as a graduate offering in arts management, Dunn said.