WWU Alumnus Shares Teaching Experience

Lorin Lindell & Alyssa Evans

Erica Smiles in a classroomWestern Washington University’s Everett programming was the perfect fit for recent graduate Christina Cariker.

Cariker, a Teacher Education Outreach Program student, was able to study abroad, take night classes and get hands-on experience as a teacher through Western’s program.

“It was one of the programs that gave us the most field experiences; that was necessary,” Cariker said.

One of the positive aspects of the program for Cariker was the cohort setting.

“I have enjoyed the cohort aspect. I feel like I have lifelong friends and colleagues in my cohort members and some of my professors,” Cariker said. “We got through it together and supported each other along the way.”

Cariker hopes to teach in Everett, which turned her away from the idea of commuting between Bellingham and Everett. “I also like that I really want to teach in Everett so I wasn’t up in Bellingham trying to make my way down here for experience,” Cariker said.  “I like the community of the extension sites and love my program. Although it was hard, I feel as prepared as possible and I feel like I made great friends and connections along the way.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 2:30pm