Student Housing 101: Tips on Transforming your Room

Lorin Lindell

Exterior shot of Ridgeway complex, a brick building used for student housing surrounded by mature Douglas fir trees.
With school just around the corner, it is important that you feel at home in your new residence hall.

Your living environment can play a huge role in your college experience so it is helpful to make your room a comfortable place to relax, study and socialize. If you have a roommate, have a conversation to establish what will make the space comfortable for the both of you. This could be a chance to bond with your new roommate and to help you feel more at “home.”

Here are Six Easy and Cheap Do-It-Yourself tips that can help spruce up your new room:

  1. Use Washi Tape to line bookshelves or help brighten up your poster collection.

    Washi Tape has taken the craft world by storm. This decorative tape is ideal for decorating and transforming any space. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and won’t leave any sticky residue behind! Use it to add a little pop to your bookshelves or to help brighten up any posters you decide to hang.
  2. Hang up a Tapestry

    Tapestries are a great way to cover up plain walls and add some art to your room. If you can’t find one that is calling out to you, make your own! Take an old sheet and use some paint to create your own tapestry. And if you’re afraid of hanging a tapestry up and putting holes in the wall, no worries. Here is a list of different ways to hang one up.
  3. Make a Recycled T-Shirt Rug 

    As you start packing and figure out what you are going to take and what you should leave behind, you are probably finding a lot of old clothes that you don’t need anymore. Put your old t-shirts to use by making a DIY t-shirt rug. Not only will it help brighten up your room, it will help keep things clean.
  4. Use Clipboards to Display Art

    An easy way to hang up and rotate your art. By using clipboards you can have new art up in less than a minute, no tape needed.
  5. Make a Macramé Curtain

    Macramé is the art of knotting cord and can be used to make a knotted room divider, tapestry, or just some art for your wall. Follow these step-by-step directions on creating your own curtain and how to tie the knots.
  6. Shoebox Charging Station

    Keep your chargers organized with a DIY shoebox charging station. Not only will it keep your desk organized it will add a pop of color to your study spot. Looking for more color? Decorate your cords with Washi Tape to keep them from tangling. Also, a great way to not lose track of them with your new busy college schedule. These were just a few ways that you can personalize and organize your new room. Remember, that objects do have more than one use! A shower caddy can be used to house your school supplies or a great way to keep those sticky-notes, scissors, and extra pencils off your desk. Old jars can be transformed with some spray paint and then used for decorating and organizing too. Don’t be afraid to get crafty with it!

Tall brick building with large glass windows stands behind trees in full foilage with a blue sky background

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