Poulsbo Student Shares His Western Experience

Shawn K Rhodes

Name & Program
Shawn K Rhodes– Business Administration


When do you expect to graduate or year if graduated?
Spring 2019


Which Western Location Are You Attending?


What was the deciding factor that led you to choose Western?
They are located near me, they are connected to Olympic College (where I received my Associates in Business), and they have one of the highest rated business programs in the state.


Has there been a professor that has stood out to you? If yes, how has that professor shaped your experience at Western?
Mary Sass! She is the director and also a teacher. She challenges us in a way where we'll be extremely prepared upon graduation. She is an example of what being dedicated looks like, and she is dedicated to her students, and cares about our lives outside of school. I'd also like to mention that all my professors and the administration staff are top notch.


What types of obstacles have you encountered and/or do you have any tips for students considering a similar degree?
This degree requires a heavy workload. The majority of the work is team based, which can be an obstacle in itself. Luckily, the small size of the classes allows people to learn who they work best with. The projects we do can only be completed by a team.


What have been some of your most rewarding moments while in the program?
Making friendships with my instructors and classmates. Also, every quarter completed is cause for celebration.


Western’s Business Administration program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in business and the community with a variety of career goals, including opportunities with financial institutions, manufacturing and retail firms, service industries and the public sector. For more information about the program located in Poulsbo, go to: https://ee.wwu.edu/degree-programs/bachelor-arts-business-administration