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This week's edition of HR Today features answers to a few oft-asked questions, an update about future HR trainings and information on an ongoing conversation regarding professional staff compensation:

Question: How do I know who the payroll default approver is for a particular org code/department?

Answer: Go to NTRRQUE in Banner and enter the org code for the department. Ctrl+Page Down to see who the payroll default approver is for that department.  For questions, call 360-650-2991.

Question: I won a door prize at a conference I attended. Can I keep it?

Answer: That depends. Assuming that the door prize was offered to all attendees, then if your attendance at the conference was paid by your agency, the prize belongs to the agency. If you paid your own way to the conference, then you may keep the prize.

Question: Where can I get payroll training?

Answer: Are you a new or existing supervisor and/or payroll approver?  Have you listened to the STAR Payroll training slides?  It’s a great source of information for those wanting to learn more about payroll policies.  You can also email Payroll at to schedule one-on-one training.

Question: Can I sell items from my kid’s charitable organization such as Girl Scout cookies and/or school fundraisers that sell candy or magazines in the workplace?

Answer: You may be able to, if it falls within “organizational effectiveness.” That means that the agency head has approved the activity and acknowledges that it relates to an agency’s mission and encompasses activities that enhance or augment the agency’s ability to perform its mission. The Board recognizes that state agencies may allow employees to participate in activities that are not official state duties but promote organizational effectiveness by supporting a collegial work environment.

Spring 2016 HR class schedule

As part of its ongoing professional development service, HR offers a number of classes for WWU faculty and staff. Several classes are new for spring quarter:

Human Resources invested in getting the Adobe Suite on all computers in its lab so that it could partner with ATUS to offer Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to faculty and staff. This is the first time these have ever been offered to staff.

To see a complete list of scheduled trainings, please visit Additionally, please keep checking back at the training website, as HR will periodically roll out new classes throughout the quarter. And please remember that these are just the scheduled classes. If you would like to discuss the professional development needs specific to your team or unit, please reach out to Ron Marks at

Changes to Professional Staff Compensation Guidelines

The Professional Staff Organization will meet from 1 to 3 p.m. Thursday, April 28, in Communications Facility Room 115 to discuss proposed changes to the Professional Staff Compensation Guidelines and POL-U5440.06 Determining Classification and Compensation for Professional Staff Positions that the PSO Salary & Benefits Committee has been working on in collaboration with HR. Drafts of proposed changes will be distributed, once they are completed, via email, as well as posted on the PSO website well before the meeting on April 28 to provide ample time for review. Comments and suggestions are welcome.